The Torre di Piazza

The unmistakable symbol of the city of Trento

Visiting the Torre di Piazza is a must-see experience to admire Trento from above! At 45 meters high, it constitutes an unmistakable symbol of the city. The tower overlooks the beautiful Piazza Duomo, dominated by the Cathedral and embellished by the Neptune fountain.


Erected around the middle of the 12th century on the remains of the ancient Porta Veronensis (1st century AD), the tower, built in close connection with the bishop's residence, was also a place used for administrative purposes and, until the late 19th century, as a men's and women's prison. A fundamental point of reference for all citizens, the tower regulated civil life, marking urban and secular time with its clock; it summoned citizens or warned them in case of danger with its two bells, "della renga" and "della rason." Recent restoration makes it possible to rediscover it by visiting eight of its twelve levels.


 The opening of the Tower and the conduct of the guided tours are made possible thanks to an agreement signed between the Municipality of Trento, owner of the building, and the Tridentine Diocesan Museum.


The uniqueness of the route requires a restricted access of the public, who will be able to visit the building only by guided tour and according to pre-established shifts: every Monday and Friday at 2:30 pm, every Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.
Places available for each tour are limited to a maximum of ten participants.
You can buy tickets at the ticket office of the Tridentine Diocesan Museum or purchase them online here

The ascent to the Tower is by foot only (elevator not present), overcoming a height difference of 156 steps. For safety reasons, the visit to the tower is precluded for people less than 5 feet/1.20 m tall; it is not recommended for people with mobility difficulties, heart patients, asthmatics, those suffering from vertigo and claustrophobia. Children under the age of 14 are allowed only if accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden to go up with bags, backpacks and/or containers of any kind or shape, which must be deposited at the ticket office. The use of cameras and video cameras is permitted. Participation is subject to the signing of a waiver in which the visitor, informed about the characteristics of the route to the Tower, declares that he/she assumes all responsibility for any accidents caused by misbehavior or physical conditions unsuitable for the visit.
The Tower is not accessible to people with disabilities.


7.00 € in addition to the Museum entrance ticket. Access to the Tower includes a one-hour guided tour. The ticket for visiting the Tower cannot be sold separately from the Museum entrance ticket.

Combined ticket Tower + Tridentine Diocesan Museum full price: € 14.00

Combined ticket Tower + Diocesan Museum Tridentino over 65: € 12.00
Combined ticket Tower + Diocesan Museum Tridentino for university students and under 26: € 9.00
Combined ticket Tower + Diocesan Museum Tridentino for children under 14, Guest Card Trentino, Museum Pass: € 7,00